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Being arrested or investigated for a criminal offense is one of the most frightening and stressful situations you could possibly imagine. The state of Washington has severe penalties for criminal convictions and these charges should be handled with the upmost discretion and professionalism. If you are facing criminal charges then the best possible proactive decision would be to consult an experienced Kitsap County criminal lawyer.

Have you been criminally charged in Kitsap County?

At Ramirez & Walker, Inc., we have more than four decades of cumulative experience with criminal law and we have successfully demonstrated to our clients and our colleagues that we can handle the most complex and unique criminal charges. Our attorneys will skillfully build a strategic defense that best fits the needs of your case in order to accomplish the most desirable outcome, utilizing every creative approach available. We will do everything in our power to defend your constitutional rights and protect your freedom. Our firm proudly serves residents in the following areas:

If you are in search of assertive, experienced and persistent legal representation then look no further! We are highly respected and esteemed by our peers in the field and we are seen as leaders in the realm of criminal law. Our legal team of elite litigators and negotiators will work diligently to protect you and your family now and for the future. With you criminal record and reputation on the line, don't take any risks. You need to have a vigorous attorney on your side, one that you can trust. With us, you can rest assured that your experience will be just that. Time is of the essence so don't waste another minute!