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Medical Marijuana Defense

Assertive Advocacy for Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is certainly not as dangerous as alcohol or other drugs, in fact for people with painful illnesses, it is the most effective pain reliever there is. Unfortunately society spends millions of tax dollars to investigate marijuana crimes and to sentence and jail people for using this harmless yet illegal substance. Our firm understands the medical benefits and the remedies that marijuana possesses and we realize that the people in medical marijuana disputes need help to avoid a criminal record and jail sentences for a crime such as this. Possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use is not a serious charge and it may be fought and dismissed easily. On the other hand, if you are caught with cannabis products and you posses with the intent to sell and distribute, these are seen as serious felonies, so it critical to fight these charges earnestly so we can avoid a conviction and a prison sentence.

Marijuana Possession in Kitsap, Jefferson & Clallam Counties

If you have a medical condition and a doctor's recommendation to use medical marijuana to suppress your painful symptoms, this is a legitimate proper use of the drug. Ramirez & Cooper, Inc. will help you try and convince the judge and the jury that you are growing or possessing medical marijuana solely for personal use and you are not in violation of any criminal law. Often times we are able to get the charges reduced or discharged completely, as well as getting the marijuana back that was seized from the person. Our experienced attorneys are intimately family with the drug laws of the state of Washington, and Initiative 692 which allows some patients and their care givers to possess and use small doses of marijuana solely for medical purposes if they have certain qualifying conditions.

Courage: Stand up for Your Principles and Convictions

If you have been charged with a medical marijuana offense or other drug crime, do not despair, lose hope and plead guilty. Our legal team will investigate and look into the facts of the case and try to weaken the prosecutor's case piece by piece. We encourage you to absolutely fight your drug charges because you may be able to avoid serious penalties, fines, jail sentences, and a criminal record with the right criminal defense on your side.

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