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Homicide Defense for Washington Murder Charges

Murder is considered to be the unlawful killing of one individual at the hands of another. There are varying consequences and penalties for this serious crime that all depend on the intent and specific circumstances of the physical altercation. Murder charges are not something that you should take lightly, a conviction would traumatically influence the rest of your life.

This one event could make or break the fate of your future and the right murder attorney could make all the difference for the success of your case. Losing your freedom is just about the scariest thing imaginable and at this point, your sentence is out of your control.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Ramirez & Cooper, Inc., we feel there is no greater obligation than to fight and help you regain control.
  • We will vigorously protect the rights and freedom of our client and strive to reach the best possible outcome for their case.

If you are facing homicide charges in Kitsap County, contact our murder lawyer today to discuss your case.

Washington State Legislation Defined

Under Washington code chapter 9A.32 it speaks of murder and homicide in the first and second degree. Murder in the first degree is the most punishable by law and it describes a premeditated intent to cause the death of another person which is a class A felony. This crime must be planned out and done with malicious intent against the alleged victim. Any person convicted of first degree murder may be sentenced to life imprisonment. Murder in the second degree is the intent to kill another person but without premeditation which is also a class A felony.

If you are facing murder charges of the first or second degree you may the vast majority of your years sitting in prison. We want to prevent that from happening through assertive, persistent and tactical defense there may be hope even against murder charges. The loss of life is a solemn occasion, but so is living out the rest of your life behind bars with no freedom or pleasure.

Contact a Kitsap County criminal defense attorney immediately so we may begin the combating your murder charges.

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  2. Former prosecution experience*
  3. Thousands of criminal cases handled
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