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What is a Violation of Probation?

When probation is granted, the individual is allowed to be an active member of the community after effectively serving jail time. A violation of probation (VOP) occurs when a person has been put on probation by the federal, state, or county court and they later violate the terms of their legally binding agreement.

Cases involving violations of probation are different from any other criminal case. Due to their unique nature they can often be extremely frustrating and confusing for both you and your family.

Formal vs Informal Probation

For a formal probation, the defendant is required to meet regularly with their probation officer, which is not necessary under informal probation. An informal probation only requires that they stay out of trouble and complete the terms of the probation agreement.

Technical Violations of Probation

Probation violations are categorized as new law offenses and technical violations. A new law offense is when an individual commits and is charged with a different type of criminal offense, whereas a technical violation is not abiding by the requirements of your probation. An example of a technical violation would be failure to complete your community service or pay your court fees.

What Are the Penalties for a Probation Violation?

Violation of probation cases are distinctive in that they do not involve new criminal offenses but rather are a continuation of the original case. In addition, VOP cases do not qualify for a jury trial and it is much easier for the court to prove guilt with a violation of probation. Any time spent on probation does not protect you from incarceration sentence during a VOP trial.

What are the penalties for a violation of probation? For a VOP sentence the penalties may include:

  • Community service
  • Counseling
  • Physical labor
  • Drug testing
  • Jail time
  • Rehabilitation
  • Extension of probationary period
  • Amendment of probation terms

Probation Violation Defense

You have already been convicted once, do you really want to face another? Sanctions may be made against you if you violate the terms of your probation, the most serious being an entire revocation of your probation putting you back in jail. Looking for a Kitsap County lawyer for a probation violation? The importance of obtaining a qualified probation violation defense attorney at this stage cannot be underestimated.

At Ramirez & Cooper, Inc. we strive to keep you out of jail so you can maintain your freedom and quality of life. With over forty years of combined experience we are leaders in the field of criminal law. With superior service and affordable costs, our firm goes unmatched. We do thorough research on the law and examine all aspect of your VOP case to find any potential charge reductions or penal alternatives.

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