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Challenging DUI Evidence

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Challenging DUI evidence is one of the most critical steps your attorney will take in a DUI case. Our attorneys have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to challenge even the most serious evidence, including the results of chemical testing.

The evidence that the prosecutor has against you may not be reliable or there may be reasons that the evidence is invalid including an unlawful stop or errors in the arrest, lab errors, or faulty or improperly used equipment or incorrectly administered tests. With more than 30 years of cumulative experience, and as former prosecutors, our attorneys have the technical and legal knowledge necessary to evaluate the evidence against you to determine whether a successful legal challenge could be effective.

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You are entitled to challenge any evidence that the prosecution is planning use against you. The purpose of an evidentiary hearing is to determine if that evidence is admissible and can be used in the case against you. If you were unlawfully stopped by law enforcement, our Kitsap County DUI lawyer take action to prevent the prosecution from using this evidence by filing a motion to suppress. If the arresting officer failed to advise you of the consequences of refusing DUI testing, or if the testing equipment was not properly maintained or calibrated, our DUI lawyer will seek to have the judge rule the evidence inadmissible.

You do not have to plead guilty. In fact, if you plead guilty your case is essentially over, other than facing the sentence, which usually includes jail time, fines, license suspension and community service, or worse. If you plead not guilty, there are strategies that could be employed to allow you to walk away without further repercussions. Let our Kitsap County DUI lawyer challenge any questionable evidence, file a motion to suppress, or other effective strategy that could work for you in your case. Many cases are so seriously flawed that the charges are dismissed before any further action is taken, and you deserve to find out if this could be possible for you. We are ready to fight, and we know what it takes to protect the rights of our clients.

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